There are a lot of wineries in New Jersey that allow children, but Working Dog Winery is not one of them, well, not anymore. According to their Facebook, Working Dog Winery will no longer allow anyone under the age of 21 into their winery located on Windsor Perrineville Road in Robbinsville. The reason for the decision? Maybe people under 21 were bringing in COVID? Maybe a situation happened that put people in danger? I am not sure as of now, but I assume the winery will come out and make an official statement soon, especially since their website and social media pages have been updated with the 21 and over policy.

After Working Dog Winery made this Facebook post, regular patrons of Working Dog Winery became very angry.

What angered patrons the most is that kids have been allowed at Working Dog Winery for many years prior. They have a huge lawn where people can bring their own chairs and blankets and even some snacks. Every time I would visit, there would be families sitting on the lawn enjoying live music, while the parents sipped on wine. It was a great atmosphere and a place for parents to unwind a little without having to get a babysitter. Patrons that have been visiting the winery for many years are extremely disappointed in the owner's decision to now keep anyone under the age of 21 out.

I get both sides to this argument of regular patrons. I am a Mom, and I know that it's hard to find a babysitter so we can go out and enjoy ourselves. Our son Nathan is 16 months old and loves to run around. A place like Working Dog Winery with a big open space would be wonderful for him. Then my hubby and I can enjoy some wine and sunshine. Now, on the other side of this, drinking wine and then driving children is very dangerous. Unless you designate a driver, parents would be driving their kids while intoxicated. Plus, Working Dog Winery may have been a place where parents went to unwind and maybe there were some kids and teenagers that got out of hand and the owners felt it was time to put a stop to it.

I will not stop visiting the winery because I like their wines, I like the atmosphere and it's very close to my house. I get people's frustrations, but I think people need to adjust to the times and respect rules. If you really love going somewhere, but their rules change, just adjust. It'll all be okay.

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