Are you picky with your fragrances? Believe me, I am extremely picky. Some colognes and perfumes can just have this overwhelming smell that makes you say "ew! what is that smell?" When you should actually be enjoying the smell.

Have you ever thought about making your own fragrance? I can't say I have but I would love to.

In the experience section of Airbnb, we found this location in Robbinsville that allows you to design a natural perfume. This is not your basic type of perfume. We learned from the Airbnb ad that you get to create your very own natural essential oil perfume.

The cool part of creating your own perfume at this Airbnb location is that after you have created your very own natural essential oil perfume, Elena, who is the perfume instructor, will keep your recipe to be able to make you more whenever you run out.

On Airbnb we learned the perfumes that you will be creating are "100% Essential oil perfume.” What makes it even better is that it "will help detox your body and provide nutrition for a healthier lifestyle."

The host, Elena, mentioned that she has been collecting a variety of pure oils for 21 years now and you will be able to have your perfume smelling like a rose, patchouli, frangipani, lavender, and many others.

If you reserve a spot expect to be there creating your perfume for anywhere between an hour and a half to 2 hours. This "Design a Natural Perfume" class will cost you $240 per person. We learned from the Airbnb ad that the location is in Robbinsville.

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