You'd be surprised at how many people plan on taking advantage of this coronavirus pandemic and use it as an excuse to call out of work. You might want to think again if you ever plan on telling your employer you have the virus just to get a few weeks off. According to Forbes, telling your boss a lie like that could result in a criminal record, a hefty fine and possibly time in jail.

Take what happened in Atlanta for example. A 34 year old man named Santwon Antonio falsely submitted a medical record to his Fortune 500 company just to get out of work. According to CNN, As a result of his stupidity the entire company shut down for cleaning "in concern for its employees and customers." In the end this shutdown cost the company more than $100 thousand and forced an unnecessary quarantine of several employees.

According to Forbes, Antonio had told his employer that his mom had been exposed to COVID-19. Since they live together, he decided to get checked out as well and both allegedly ended up with positive test results. He went to great lengths to fake a doctors letter from the hospital as well. According to CNN, Antonio has since admitted that he made the entire thing up and never had COVID-19 and now is being prosecuted.

Lets be clear, none of this is worth it! Please do not fake a doctor's note claiming you have coronavirus just to get a few days off. Even lying about being just exposed to the virus can affect other people around you.


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