It's no secret that we all feel helpless during these times, and we all want to help the local heroes who are on the front lines of the battle against the coronavirus epidemic.

A dear friend of mine has organized a GoFundMe to independently buy N95 masks for doctors, paramedics, and nurses right here in the city of Philadelphia. Of course, while supplies are limited, these masks are desperately needed to help the medical professionals prevent the spread of the virus to themselves and their families.

They are tirelessly working hard to keep us all safe, but supplies are limited. This GoFundMe (which has a goal of $3,000) will help purchase these masks for at least three hospitals in the Philadelphia area (Temple, Jefferson, and Penn).

My friend, Kevin, the organizer has been in contact with a supplier who will ship these masks for Philadelphia. The availability of their supplies has been confirmed. The GoFundMe launched on Saturday with a goal of $3,000, and as of this writing, it has raised about $835.

Upon their arrival, safe dropoffs to the local hospitals will be coordinated.

By the way, the campaign was inspired by a similar (and successful) campaign in New York City, run by members of Kevin's family.

It's awesome to see all of the good that our friends and loves are doing right? We're all in this together, and we will get through this.

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