Ahhh 7- Eleven.  I have countless memories of me going there late night for one of their cookies or grabbing a Slurpee in the summertime. I have always liked being in a store, let alone a store where tons of people come in and out, at 3 in the morning. Well it looks like I have my chance! 7- Eleven is now on Airbnb! 

When I first heard about this I thought I was just really tired and completely imagining it, but I was not imagining anything! You can really stay in a 7- Eleven as if it were a hotel! According to Delish, 7-Eleven is offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you to book a stay at a brand new 7-Eleven location via Airbnb. This is a collaboration that the store has with Sony PlayStation 5, where you can play with the new console during your stay. 

At this point I am super interested because of the snacks! My first thought was about having access to the Slurpee machine, which is actually included in your stay! And where is this store? You might have to do a little bit of traveling, because this 7-Eleven is located in Dallas, Texas, aka, home of the greatest football team in the country (#CowboysNation). 

The only downside is that you have to pay for your way down there. Delish says that  7-Eleven will not cover any travel fees required to get you to your stay. For some obvious safety purposes, the stay is only open to people who reside in Dallas county. So unfortunately, us Yankees do not have a chance....for now. 

However, if you do decide to move to Texas, you better hurry up and book that stay! It will be on Airbnb's site on February 1 and the reservation costs just $11 for a one-night stay. Do you even realize how cheap that actually is? The available stays are only for  two dates, Friday, February 26, or Sunday, February 28, so you better move fast! 



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