If you're a Mercer County resident and your household income does not exceed $45,000, you may eligible for free tuition.

This could be great because studies have shown that New Jersey is a very expensive state to live in, and yes, it's extremely expensive to attend college in New Jersey.

College is expensive no matter where you go, but when you attend a private university, it can be extremely pricey. Most jobs require you have a college degree to get a decent paycheck, so whether you attend a big university or a community college.

To qualify, you have to fill out a FASFA form (like everyone else applying for college), and enroll in at least 6 college credits, which is usually only like 2 classes.

Here's more information:

Credit: Mercer County Community College/ Mercer County


Credit: Mercer County Community College/ Mercer County

To find out if you're eligible, click here. Classes start soon so get on it.