This comes as no surprise to me!

I just read on that you can save the gas to drive to Philly because the new  Meatheadz Cheesesteak place on Route 1 in Lawrence is apparently just as good!  If you don't know where it is: it's the old Stewarts.'s food critic Susan Sprague Yeske loved the food, and I have to say I did too. My family's been twice now, and it's delish.

I want to tell you too that one time we stayed there and ate, and another time we just called and picked up the food to eat at home, and both times were fabulous.  Sometimes it's not as good when you do takeout, but, nothing was lost in the short trip home...even the fries were still crispy (I could be one of those food reviewers!)

I've had the regular cheesesteak and the pizza steak, and both were great! One of my favs...the loaded fries, with cheesesteak meat on top...oh must try! They have other stuff too...burgers, hot dogs, oh yeah, and the best milkshakes. Everytime I drive by and see people there, I'm so's great to see a local business thrive, and the owners of Meatheadz couldn't be nicer, so I'd love to see them do well. They just put some fun lights up, and are now BYOB, so go check them out...and for you die hard fans, don't worry, they're going to have heaters and enclose it a little for the winter.

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