If you’re a frequent ShopRite shopper, you may have noticed that your milk has a different look. If you haven’t noticed yet, you will likely notice soon.

The Shoprite of Lawrenceville posted this on Facebook earlier this month:

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In fact, we’ve learned that many Shoprite stores will soon be offering their own selection of goods under the 'Bowl and Basket' brand. It's not just going to be milk. Other stores have posted about the changes as well, so we believe this will affect all stores (pretty soon).

According to Shoprite's 'Bowl and Basket' page, they'll be offering a wide range of groceries that are "well priced" with "premium taste."

Shoprite says they have built on their brand you've come to trust and "elevated premium selections."

We can expect the new Bowl and Basket snack foods, packaged salads, cooking oils, milk, and spring water to hit store shelves first.

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