Lottery officials announced that a $1 million winning Pennsylvania Lottery scratch-off ticket was sold according to Fox29. The ticket was sold at the Quick Mart on Dunksferry Road in Bensalem. In return for selling the $1 million dollar ticket, The Quick Mart will receive $5,000 to use as they wish. 

Some might wonder just what exactly are the odds of winning some big money with the lottery. Well, for the Lottery in the United States, the odds of winning both jackpots for more than a $1 billion is about 1 in 88 quadrillion. That just goes to show you are more likely to get struck by lighting or being struck by airplane parts from the sky.

According to Investopedia, if someone was giving away a new home to one person and everyone in the six most populated states in the United States had entered, that would, in fact, equal your chances of winning the lottery. With this in mind, will you try your luck in buying a lottery ticket at a near buy Quick Mart?