We all want to win a big amount of cash really quick to just live a little more comfortably. That's definitely a dream that I have. FOX 29 recently reported that there was someone that got really easy money with a $5 Lucky Spot ticket. This individual won $109,808 at a Wawa in Bucks County.

According to FOX 29, this lucky person bought the $5 Lucky Spot ticket at the Wawa on Holland Pike. Does anyone ever think about just going to these same locations that have recent big winners to buy some tickets to see if you can be just as lucky?

It was stated on FOX 29, that the Pennsylvania lottery made known that "the Lucky Spot is a Fast Play game that offers progressive top prizes starting at $50,000."

As of now, no one has claimed the $109,808, according to FOX 29. The Wawa on Holland Pike that sold the $5 Lucky Spot ticket on Holland Pike will receive a bonus of $500.

If you are trying to test your luck just know that the $5 Lucky Spot ticket is sold from a self-service vending machine.

We learned from FOX 29 that if you were to win a big amount when you play the lottery you have to make sure that you sign the back of your ticket to make it official that it is your ticket. This way no one can try to cash it if stolen.

We know we all would be heated if we had a winning ticket and someone else cashed it.

Now if you happen to play the lottery after this we wish you the best of luck.

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