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We can all use a little hope right now.

So you may want to pick up a Powerball ticket for Saturday's drawing. Nobody took home the grand prize in Wednesday night's drawing, so Saturday (April 4)'s jackpot is now worth an estimated $180 Million.

The winning numbers for Wednesday's drawing were: 33, 35, 45, 48, and 60. The Red Power Ball number was 16. The Multipliernumber was 02.

Saturday's drawing will be held at 10:59 pm ET. Powerball is sold in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

As we're all doing our part to fight the coronavirus with social distancing, by the way, remember that you can buy your tickets online if you're in the state of Pennsylvania. So you don't even have to leave your house if you want to buy a ticket. For more details and to buy a ticket, you can visit the Pennsylvania Lottery's website.

Unfortunately, the New Jersey Lottery does NOT offer online ticket purchases at this time. So if you're going to be heading to the store (for necessities, don't shop frivolously, please) over the next couple of days, you can grab a ticket from your local retailer.

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