Hey Pennsylvania pet people! Thinking of getting a unique pet?

We've all seen videos on social media of people with outrageously cool exotic/wildlife pets.

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 Personally, I'm intrigued by videos of adorable little monkeys living like regular children in a household. For instance, this girl's TikTok about cuddling in bed and watching TV with her pet monkey sent me into a tizzy.

And as a cat lady, I may or may not have looked into the pricing of those gorgeous serval cats that are 2-3x the size of a regular house cat. They're just so pretty! (And very expensive!)

If you've ever seen one of those videos on social media and never said to yourself "Ooh, I want one!" - are you even on social media?

For most of us, having something like a monkey, raccoon, bobcat, serval cat, etc. is just a wild (no pun intended) fantasy. But just in case you are seriously considering getting an unconventional animal as a pet in Pennsylvania, check this out first.

Photo by Jamie Haughton on Unsplash
Photo by Jamie Haughton on Unsplash

While some wild/exotic animals are legal to own with a permit, there are other animals that are illegal to own, period. Let's take a look into which animals those are.

Here are 10 pets that are illegal to own in Pennsylvania:

10 Pets that are Illegal to Own in Pennsylvania

Sorry, animals lovers! There are just some animals you can't have as pets in Pennsylvania.

Gallery Credit: Austyn

If wild things still make your heart song and you want to consider having different wildlife animals as pets, it'll be worth doing a little extra research, because a lot of them are legal with permits.

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