I'm the worst when it comes to shopping for holiday gifts. So I have a solution for you.

I was recently at Target looking for gifts and ended up getting a whole new workout wardrobe... for myself. I didn't find any gifts, but at least, I'm now the best dressed person in my workout classes.

After this utter failure, I decided that I am less likely to order things for myself online.

So I continued my search for gifts on websites like Etsy, Redbubble, and Uncommon Goods. I was finally able to find some worthy holiday gifts.

But I have to make sure that my gifts are the best. There is nothing worse than receiving a lame gift and having to pretend like you love it so you don't upset anyone.

Not to mention, most of the gifts I stumbled across were pretty cheap. I have a big family, so it's always a victory when I don't spend my entire life savings on holiday gifts.

Here are some ideas that I thought were interesting:

Desktop Skee Ball

Spice up those long boring workdays staring at a computer with a little Skee Ball break!

Having this classic arcade game right at your desk sounds great in theory, but also extremely dangerous.

I already have enough distractions at work.

Kombucha Pic

Kombucha is quite possibly the grossest thing I've ever tasted. It's the equivalent to drinking vinegar mixed with synthetic oil.

But it's healthy, which people are into. And if you're into that sort of thing then this is perfect.

I know a lot of holistic vegans who would love this.

wine cork

I know a lot of people who collect wine corks for certain art projects. This allows you to collect your corks in a more decorative fashion.

You can choose from all 50 states in America. So this is great for all of your out of state relatives.

beer cap

This is an awesome decoration for a game room or bar area, right?

porn for women

This comedic piece created by the Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative is definitely going to be the best gift you can possibly give this year. Nobody will forget the fun cousin who put pornography under the Christmas tree.

The book features photos of attractive men doing housework. It's like Magic Mike meets Swiffer Wet Jet.

By the way: If anyone is shopping for our very own Chris Rollins, we heard she is dying to get her hands on this book.


Homesick candles would be another great option for your out of state relatives or friends.

New Jersey's homesick candle will burn an overbearing scent of pork roll and coconut tanning oil.

They also have homesick candles for colleges. I actually just ordered a Syracuse University one which smells like Keystone Light and entitlement. Oh no! I just shopped for myself again.

Bottle Loft

Hang your beers on this loft that hangs on the roof of your fridge.

Not only does this look nice, but It will definitely clear up some of that valuable fridge space because there's never enough.

beard kit

We all have that relative who comes to Christmas looking homeless with an unkempt beard.

This gift is your way of telling them their beard has them looking like Hagrid from Harry Potter.


So this is a gift I think I will get myself this season. Oh, there I go again! Shopping for myself. 

I love fresh Orange Juice. I'm hoping it's as easy to use as it looks.

Did someone say holiday mimosas?

wine opener

Another home device that I am hopeful is as easy as it looks.

Attach this to your kitchen or bar area for a quick wine fix.

Hopefully this list helps you stand out this holiday season as you give gifts to your friends and family.

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