It's really no secret that oftentimes, New Jersey gets a bad rap. For those of us who live here in the Garden State, we've put up with our fair share of cheap shots.

We've rolled our eyes many-a-time at the cliche Jersey nicknames like "Dirty Jersey" or "The Armpit of America." How many times have you wanted to dropkick anyone who dared to associate us with the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore, as if Snookie's our best friend. There's also the annoying assumption that we're all somehow connected to the mob (Thanks, Sopranos!)

Or have you ever ground your teeth when you heard the classic "So wait, you don't pump your own gas in New Jersey?? D0 yOu eVeN kNow hOW??"

But let's be honest with ourselves: there are things about New Jersey that even we don't like. We dare not utter them to outsiders for fear of further ridicule, but sometimes it's nice to let off some steam. If you've ever had an opinion about New Jersey that you've kept behind your lips, it's okay. You're not the only one. And it doesn't mean you don't love New Jersey! We're just humoring ourselves here.

The New Jersey subreddit, mostly occupied by our fellow New Jersey natives, let off some steam with some unpopular opinions about our beloved Garden State.

There are A LOT of opinions - some stronger and more controversial than others. Many of them can't be repeated here because of one true Jersey stereotype: a lot of us talk like sailors, me included!

But here are 10 unpopular opinions that seem to have generated a lot of reactions. Do you agree with any of these? I do, but I'll never tell which ones!

10 Unpopular Opinions About New Jersey

Here are 10 unpopular opinions about New Jersey - from New Jerseyans. You can check out the entire reddit thread here.



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