This Powerball jackpot is getting huge again. No one has won it yet.

According to Philly Voice, in Turnersville, Gloucester County, there was a big winner. They did not win the full jackpot but this individual took home $1,000,000.

That is amazing.

We learned from Philly Voice that the big $1,000,000 ticket was purchased at the Shop & Go on Johnson Road.

I would gladly take the million. I have always said I don't care to win the big jackpot. Seriously, just a good amount like that would make me very happy.

The winner matched all 5 white balls to be able to take that big $1,000,000 win.

This person wasn't the only big winner.

In Atlantic City, there was another Powerball winner. Philly Voice shared that this person didn't get anywhere near the millions though. The winner that purchased a ticket at the Wawa in Atlantic City matched four out of five white balls and took home only $50,000.

In reality, saying "only" $50,000 sounds ungrateful. That can be a life-changing amount of money.

The current jackpot for the Powerball stands at $545,000,000. That is a ton of money.

Here is the question, if you were to win all that money would you want to get paid in a big lump sum or as an annuity?

Personally, I would say give me the big lump sum and call it a day.

It has been stated on that if you want to get the annuity option you will get 30 payments spread out in 29 years. That means if you win the current $545,000,000 Powerball jackpot you get over $18 million a year.

Even though that is a lot of money, I would still take the large lump sum.

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