There's yet ANOTHER millionaire from the New Jersey lottery. This winner was crowned in Central Jersey, the state's lottery officials just announced.

A ticket, matching all five numbers drawn in Saturday night's (August 12) Jersey Cash 5 drawing. The ticket was worth a whopping 1.1 million dollars. In fact, the exact amount of the jackpot was $1,167,215, they said.

The winning ticket was sold at Park Deli and Grill. The store is located at 2625 Woodbridge Avenue in Edison (Middlesex County), NJ.

The winning numbers in that drawing were: 21, 26, 36, 41, and 45. The XTRA number was 03.

The retailer will receive $2,000 for selling the ticket. The next Jersey Cash 5 Drawing is scheduled for Monday, August 14 with an estimated jackpot of $100,000.

"Congratulations to our very fortunate Jersey Cash 5 winner! We hope this incredible prize brings joy and happiness to the winner; we’re already looking forward to awarding another jackpot prize!” New Jersey Lottery's Executive Director James Carey said in a statement on Monday.

The winner has not publicly come forward yet.

New Jersey Has 13 Third-Tier Prize Winners for Historic Mega Millions Drawing

It's been a lucky couple of weeks for players of the New Jersey lottery.

Last week we told you that the state announced there were 13 third-tier winners following last Tuesday's historic $1.58 Billion drawing.

Composite via Getty Images & Canva
Composite via Getty Images & Canva


The tickets each won $10,000. Three of the winners were bought with the Megaplier option, which doubled the prize to $20,000, they said.

You can click here to learn more about those recent winners and where those lucky tickets were sold. 

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