There are many things to love about living in New Jersey but that love comes with a price. Anxiety.

There is a movement recommending that everyone under the age of 65 should be screened for symptoms of anxiety.

They contend that screening for anxiety could help people put a name on the mental health issues that they've been dealing with. Issues that could lead to addiction.

Smoking a cigarette

Kevin Meara, founder of City Of Angels, which helps those fighting addiction whether or not they have insurance, is in favor if the idea, but it should not be done by the government

"I'm in favor of it because mental health is probably farther behind than addictions, as far as our country is in treating it and being aware of it. We saw physicians not being trained in pain management and in addictions, what happened, and how the opioid epidemic got out of control. And mental health is, is out of control now."

Careplus New Jersey, which is mental health and addiction treatment group based in Bergen County is all for it.

From Dino Flamia's New Jersey 101.5 article: 

"We know that untreated anxiety can lead to impairment in life — problems with relationships, problems with jobs," said Sue Heguy, associate vice president of child and family services for CarePlus NJ.

I love the idea of screening for anxiety. I would love it even more if it came with answers on how to deal with anxiety in New Jersey.  Chalk it up to preventative medicine.

Unfortunately, we live in a state that's never at a loss to give us something to worry about. So what are the things that make us anxious living in New Jersey?

Andy Rehorn
Very high real estate taxes.

Sara Robinson
Sara Robinson

Anthony Barberio
Lack of plastic bags to carry my groceries.

Jimmy Capicola
Jersey drivers

Cindy Zwicker
Driving in Ocean County!


Leah Temima Lipson Saks
My insanely high water bill
(Trev: Must be from Roosevelt)

Margaret Pizzolongo

Bob O'Brien Leszczak
Deer season

John Skinski
Living paycheck to paycheck and all the above

Kelly Shannon
Having to pay the extra taxes after they reassessed my house

Thomas Thomi Hawk Hickey
Gov. Smurphy. That’s part of why I left

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