Just a heads up, just in case you may or have in the past received care at either of these places. According to nbcphiladelphia.com, 3 dental clinics have closed down due to "unsanitary conditions." Apparently over 1500 patients were exposed to diseases such as HIV at the  three Trieu Family Dental clinics.

The Health Department has done a full inspection and has come to the conclusion that the infection risk is very low but they do advice that patients get checked out immediately. Even though there have been no infections reported yet, they still want people to take precautions.

Apparently there were a lot of unsafe practices happening in these clinics. An anonymous person alert the Health Department after they witnessed needles being reused on patients and improper equipment cleaning. So it is being recommended that if you get checked out, to get tested for hepatitis C virus, hepatitis B virus, and HIV.

The clinics were closed in 2018 and have since undergone training on how to practice safe dental care. They will not reopen until the health department is satisfied with their progress.

If you have visited The three Trieu Family Dental clinics on 437 West Chew Avenue, 5427 North 5th Street, and 6536 Woodland Avenue between Jan. 1, 2017 and Dec. 7, 2018, you should have been notified about this. If not please call 215-218-2999.

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