I really need to start playing the lottery or buying scratch-off lottery tickets because it seems like it is quite often that people in our area win some big bucks. This time around, someone won 3 million dollars in the Levittown area.

Patch.com reported that a $30 ticket was sold sometime last week at Blask of Croydon. That $30 ticket sold offers the top prize of 3 million dollars. It was one of the Money Millionaire scratch-off tickets. From the looks of it, no one has claimed the 3 million dollar prize yet. However, Patch.com mentioned that the person with the Money Millionaire ticket should contact the Pennsylvania Lottery as well as sign the back of the ticket.

I didn't know you had to sign the back of a winning ticket but it makes sense why you should do that.

The Money Millionaire scratch-off winner should claim it soon. I would've had the money in my account already. According to Patch.com, you have one year to get your money when you are a big winner.

It was also stated on Patch.com that the local business that sold the Money Millionaire ticket will receive a $10,000 bonus.

If you are wondering if there are more 3 million dollar Money Millionaire tickets out there just know that the answer is yes. There are more out there, according to the Pennsylvania Lottery website.

According to the Pennsylvania Lottery website, there are still 10 $300,000 winning tickets remaining for the Money Millionaire. Those are the big bucks we are all going for.

Hopefully, our lucky day comes soon and we can win a big amount of cash on one of those scratch-offs.

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