With all of the bad news out there, we love it when we hear some good news like the one we read on patch.com.

According to Patch, 3 residents of Moorestown, NJ, got together to provide 100 free pizzas to workers at Virtua Memorial Hospital in Mt. Laurel.

Patch says the idea of delivering the pizzas started with Moorestown realtor Sam Lepore.  Lepore told Patch that he approached fellow Moorestown residents Dr. James Sanfilippo and Vincenzo Balsamo with the idea and the 3 men worked together and split the costs to make it happen.

Patch noted that Balsamo is the owner of Vincenzo's Pizza and Grill in Willingboro (the restaurant that supplied and delivered the pizzas).

Patch says that the pizzas "fed more than 500 doctors and nurses" at Virtua.

If you know some good news that's happening in your community, we'd love to hear about it.  Feel free to reach out to me at dave@wpst.com.



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