We might just see some of these kids brokering deals on Shark Tank one day!

Young entrepreneurs will unite for the 4th Annual Children's Business Fair on May 22nd! The event, sponsored by THRiVE, an Acton Academy, takes place from 1:00-3:00 pm at 207 Penns Trail, Newtown PA. And by "young", we're talking elementary-aged young!

There will be around 20 children-founded and children-run "businesses" at this year's fair. Children are responsible for their own setup, customer interaction, and sales. They create a business plan, sell their product/service, and then run their booths during the one-day marketplace. Hopefully some of these will become full-fledged businesses one day. This is a great place to start and plant the seed of inspiration.


Applications for this year's fair is closed, but you can still show up to support these kids, buy some pretty cool products and/or services, and draw inspiration by their creativity and work ethic!

When I was these kids' age, I begged my parents for a sewing machine so I could design clothes and be the next Versace. What that sewing machine did was collect dust in its unopened box in the back of my closet for years. These kids are actually putting their money where their mouth is and making their dreams a reality. Maybe we'll see the next Jeff Bezos or Rihanna at this career fair!

Check out this video from a past business fair to get an idea of what the day is all about! These kids are amazing!

Children's Business Fair 2014 from Amanda Horvath on Vimeo.

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