Plans are underway for a brand new Wawa, with a gas station, on the Newtown Bypass, according to Bucks County Courier Times.

According to the article, the new convenience store is proposed for the Newtown Bypass and Lower Silver Lake Road. Plans will go before the Newtown Planning Commission on Tuesday, March 1st. Plans have already been in motion since the fall when the developer of the project was granted permission to build the Wawa and have the gas pumps, but, was denied the number of pumps and the types of signs requested. They'll need to come to an agreement before they move forward.

Another concern is pedestrian safety, since the Newtown Bypass is a busy road. The Bucks County Planning Commission is recommending sidewalks, crosswalks with flashing lights, and, timed traffic signals.

If you're thinking a Wawa isn't going to fit in with the Newtown feel, don't worry, there are requirements to ensure it is consistent with the historic character of the town.

Once all the approvals are finalized, construction will hopefully start this summer. The store itself will be over 5,000 square feet (employing around 50 people, full and part time). The gas pumps will be under a separate canopy.

Wawa certainly is a popular spot these days. Most businesses have a "slow time" during business hours, but, Wawa never seems to slow down. Most people have a coffee cup or sandwich in their hand when they leave, but, there's a big variety of meals, snacks, bakery items, drinks, and so much more available...even many healthy options. I'm a big fan of the French vanilla iced coffee. Yum.

I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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