Twitter: @theurbannewz
Twitter: @theurbannewz

There is nothing better than seeing viral videos of things you would NEVER ever think to do. Especially in Philly, where there are a lot of…. let’s call them characters. These characters are extremely entertaining though. It’s always great to see all of the creative ideas that people have which truly deserve to go viral. Philly breeds excellence… and excellent things to laugh at!


4-year-old ‘Leave Me Alone’ song

4-year-old Instagram star Milan Marie went viral from a video of her singing an original song. Marie’s original song was inspired by the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns. Her mom runs the account of the “mini influencer”. She is a Philly gem and she is adorable!


Deaf Teen TikTok dance

Deaf teen Justina Miles used American Sign Language to sign the lyrics to Lil’ Kim’s song “Crush on You” for the challenge on TikTok. The video blew up like crazy and even Lil’ Kim reposted it to her Instagram. The video was so cool!

Philly Hero Didn’t Miss His Chance To Shade the Eagles

We all know that Eagles fans are dedicated and opinionated—to say the least. When Philly resident and hero Hakim Laws caught a baby that was thrown from a burning building, he did not miss his opportunity to comment on the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor’s bad performance from the game the week before when interviewed by the media.


Dancing in Costumes in Broad Daylight

#OnlyInPhilly that’s for sure. How often do you see people dr in Cat and The Hat costumes dancing to the song Beat Box by SpotemGottem in broad daylight? It honestly feels too normal in Philly.


Dad Measures Baby with Cheesesteaks

This is definitely out of the ordinary but what would you expect in Philly? New dad Brad Williams wanted to show just how tiny his son was… so he decided to measure him against a cheesesteak. Every month he took pictures of his newborn son next to a foil wrapped cheesesteak. I wonder if the cheesesteak was wit or witout?

Eagles Super Fan Wishes Dak Prescott a Speedy Recovery

Eagles super fan Giovani Hamilton went viral after he posted a video wishing the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott a speedy recovery. How sweet is that!


Lil Uzi Sprints From Fan

Famous rapper Lil Uzi refused to stop and take a picture with a fan down in Center City. While this may not seem too crazy, the way that Uzi decided to get out of the picture was to BOLT! He is such a character!


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