Now that fall is upon us, it's time to get to some of delicious smells and tastes it brings! The smell of fallen leaves, fall candles, pumpkin spice lattes, hayrides, candy apples, and....

Apple cider donuts!!

Homemade Sugared Apple Cider Donuts
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You can't very well have a perfect fall if you don't at least once bring home a dozen hot, fresh, locally-made apple cider donuts from your favorite farm or bakery!

The first time I had an apple cider donut, it was from Springdale Farms in Cherry Hill NJ and it was a revelation! I bought them just about every year since!

If you're looking to sink your teeth into a hot, fresh apple cider donut yourself, there are so many amazing options to choose from in New Jersey. Our local farms and bakeries are amazing! But more specifically, if you're looking for awesome ACDs in Central Jersey, check this out. compiled a list of The Best NJ Spots to Get an Apple Cider Doughnut. You really should check out the whole list! You can spend a whole week visiting every place on the list. Here are just 8 of of the places where you can grab a dozen or so in Central Jersey! Try not to drool looking at these pictures. You might just grab your keys and head to the closest one!

8 Places to Get Amazing Apple Cider Donuts in Central Jersey

Sink your teeth into these hot, fresh apple cider donuts this fall!

Which of these on this list is your favorite? If you can recommend other local spots with delicious apple cider donuts, don't be shy - let us know!


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