Karli K the foodie here! Spring is right around the corner, so you know what that means? Ice cream! I am so excited to say that Nina's Waffles And Ice Cream is releasing a brand new flavor in time for the spring season. 

I was scrolling through social media when something caught my eye. I saw a post from Nina's Waffles and Ice Cream.  at first, I actually was not paying attention to what the post said. I just saw ice cream and I got excited. I immediately was like oh my goodness I should go to Nina’s to get some ice cream. When I did actually read the post I was even more excited! According to their Instagram, they are releasing a brand new ice cream flavor. This new flavor has their delicious homemade waffles inside of the ice cream. They said in the post, “We soaked over 20 pounds of our waffles in milk, cream and sugar until the base of our newest flavor was just right. Then we pasteurize, batch freeze, swirl in house made caramel, add more bits of waffles and TA DA!” Check out their Instagram

You know what I did right? I got in my car and I drove to Nina's, of course! If you don't know, I live right in Bucks County, so Nina's is always nearby. The closest location to me is Nina's in Newtown. To my surprise, I got there and they were closed! There is a note that says they are closed but will be opening back up for the spring. I literally cannot wait until they open.

 One of my favorite things to do in the summer time with my step-dad is go to Nina's and try all the different ice cream. We are actually thinking of driving to New Hope or Doylestown just to try out this new flavor. 


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