I still can remember going to the mall as a kid and being so excited just to go in the big candy store they had there. My dad used to always let us get a little something and it's one of my favorite memories from my childhood. Whenever I can get into a candy store and get my hands on some sweets, I'm going to do so.

According to The Patch, IT SUGAR, will be opening up what will look and feel like, a candy department store. This IT SUGAR location will have three floors and being that it's inside the new American Dream Mall located in North Jersey, you know it's going to be crazy cool. It's actually going to be about 22,000 square feet and will be the biggest candy store in the world.

Since the mall itself will be opening in October, the IT SUGAR location will open as well. Click here for more info about the IT SUGAR location and even get employment information.

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