We’ve all heard of 3D and 4D, but this experience at the American Dream Mall is taking what we know of these experiences to a whole new level.

Blast 7D is open at the American Dream Mall and from the looks of it, it’s pretty mind-blowing. This is the world’s first fully interactive and fully immersive 7D ride and its home is right here in East Rutherford, New Jersey!


The American Dream Mall has added some truly amazing experiences to the New Jersey area and by the looks of it, they’re only getting started. I have been on a 4D ride and know what that experience is like, but 7D?

My mind can’t even seem to comprehend what that entails.

Blast 7D Is Now Open At American Dream Mall

“Experience the thrill of flying, diving, jumping, and falling - all while blasting evil villains through different worlds, competing for the high score against up to 12 riders.”-blast7d.com

It looks like you’ll be strapped into a ride simulator and you’ll be able to play along like a virtual reality video game. I’m sure the movements and effects are much much better than any virtual reality set you could buy yourself.

Blast 7D has 5 different ride experiences to choose from. The different ride experiences include Zombies Resurrected, Zombies, Gigamon, Los Banditos, Carnival, and Werewolves. They all look amazingly terrifying as well.

If you’re a gamer, this is a MUST for you if you take a trip and visit the American Dream Mall. You can get more information and buy tickets through their website for this extremely rare experience!

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