It's the time of year where everyone wants to be around pumpkins and everything that has to do with pumpkins. I've heard about these pumpkin glows and have always wanted to go to one, but they are so popular, tickets are usually sold out way in advanced. Plus, there's driving to it and all that stuff. Well, according to Only in Your State, there's a pumpkin glow in New Jersey. At Wagner Farms Arboretum in Warren, their glowing pumpkin trail will begin on weekends beginning October 11th and run until the 27th.

In prior years, the only pumpkin glow trails we've heard of have been in Philly, so it's awesome to hear that one is actually in New Jersey.

Get your tickets for Brite Nites here.  LIKE Wagner Farms Arboretum on Facebook to stay up with the latest happenings. Bright Nites looks awesome.

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