If you aren’t from the immediate area, you may not be filled in on the beef that’s going on within the town right now. If you aren’t filled in already, a local gym is taking some heat because of the responses they’ve been replying to within the google review feature.

The story, from what I gathered, is that people had some negative things to say about the gym, and the owner jumped in the defend his business.

While I was scrolling through a local Facebook page, the multiple threads of people talking about this were too much to scroll past.

I dove deeper into the comment section and there are over 70 comments on both posts that are talking about the incidents. Here’s the rundown. Basically, a few people went to google reviews and left some negative comments online about the gym, Urge Fitness in Ewing, NJ.

Some were saying that the gym wasn’t their favorite, and was actually their least favorite. One person said in a review, “You walk in and immediately get a face full of stale sweat-”.

The issue people are having is with the owner who is responding to the reviews on the gym’s behalf.

The owner has been writing back to the negative comments and saying things like “Lol. What a loser you are sitting around making fake accounts. Go get a job and contribute to the community you waste of life.”

Everyone in the group is talking about how they feel about the responses the owner has been replying with and how they feel it’s an unprofessional response to negative feedback.

Another review said “Lots of fake good reviews. Don’t listen to them” to which the owner responds with, “A little dramatic child. Believe it or not, the majority of members we have are mature adults who can pay their bills, unlike you.”

Unfortunately, the gym is taking a lot of heat from residents after the screenshots of the comments circled around local Facebook groups.

Since this has happened, the comments and reviews have not been able to be found, but everyone has been posting the screenshots.

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