You may just get your food delivered to you at Philadelphia International Airport by a robot, right at your gate, according to the airport's official website. Wow.

The airport is testing a new robotic food delivery program, as of Monday (February 22nd) in addition to its existing food ordering website. The robot even has a's Gita....pronounced Jeeta...which means short trip in Italian. It can carry 40 pounds of food from gate to gate for customer after customer, for up to four hours on a charge. Wow. The article says that's like 20 miles of walking. That robot is going to get some exercise. Lol. Gita has "mobility intelligence" so is able to navigate around other passengers. It rolls behind a human delivery person with its visual sensors, stops, turns, and delivers your food. It has a bin in the top, so when Gita rolls up, you open the top and take out your order.

This is really cool and convenient. The last time I was in Philly airport, the gate was really crowded, so I didn't want to get up and lose my seat to go get some food. Now, I can just order here, and Gita will come to me.

Megan O’Connell, PHL Food & Shops Marketing and Customer Service Manager says, “We think passengers and employees will be pleasantly surprised to see their AtYourGate delivery being handled by a robot. At the end of the pilot, we will look at feedback from customers and from the AtYourGate team members working with the Gita to better understand how we can utilize Gita in the future."

There's so much food to choose from at Philadelphia International Airport: Dunkin, Smash Burger, California Pizza Kitchen, Auntie Anne's, Chickie's & Pete's,  Geno's Steaks, Bar Symon, Bud & Marilyn's, and more.

The Gita pilot program will continue until April.

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