As of Monday May 11, it is now a requirement to wear a mask at the Philadelphia International Airport. Whether you are an employee or a passenger, if you are not wearing a facial covering of some sort, you will not be allowed to enter the airport. Up until this point, only individual airlines have been requiring travelers to wear masks. However, with the growing cases of coronavirus many major airports around the country are implementing this necessary policy.

The only exception to this rule is when people are eating an drinking.

“All passengers, airport personnel and all personnel of a tenant or a subcontractor are required to wear a face covering which covers the individual's nose and mouth while on Airport premises, except to the extent the passenger or employee is eating or drinking, or is alone in the employee's office,” Philadelphia International airport posted to its website.

The same goes for those riding the Amtrak, who also implemented the same policy as of Monday. According to NBC Philadelphia, is also now requiring people to wear facial coverings  in stations, on trains and thruway buses. The only time masks can be removed is when customers are "eating in designated areas, in their private rooms, or seated alone or with a travel companion in their own pair of seats."

Amtrak has already taken major steps to ensure the safety of all employees and passengers amid the coronavirus pandemic. The company has limited bookings to 50 percent of capacity and restricted some seating areas in its rail cars.


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