Michael Sot, a sophomore at The College of New Jersey, tragically passed away in a vehicular accident after being the designated sober driver of four other TCNJ students last weekend.

Sot was driving his vehicle back to campus after picking up his friends early Sunday morning at 2 a.m.

He was struck head on by a 22-year-old driver who was intoxicated at the time of the crash. The 22-year old is now facing drunken driving charges as well as seven counts of assault by auto. 

All of the other students in the crash sustained critical injuries and were hospitalized following the crash. Sot was pronounced dead on Tuesday morning.

Cafe 72 in Ewing is in hot water right now after news that a TCNJ student may have gotten fired after she tried to get coverage for a shift to attend the funeral of Michael Sot.

Her manager became very angry with her, telling her to not come back to work. You can read the text exchanges here.

The resturant received a lot of backlash after the screen shots of these text messages were posted on social media. The owner of Cafe 72 released a statement apologizing on their Facebook page for their "lack of professionalism," as they ask the Ewing community for forgiveness. Cafe 72 claims that they did not fire the employee, and her last scheduled shifts were this weekend before she heads home for winter break. The post has since been deleted.

Cafe 72 is encouraging people to stop threatening the resturant and refrain from leaving nasty comments on their social media pages. They have donated $1,000 to Michael Sot's GoFundMe page.

This did not seem to put a stop to the negative remarks on the restaurants Facebook page, and their page has since been disabled.

Some people can understand where the manager was coming from. At the end of the day the student still needs to find appropriate coverage for her shift.

The manager of Cafe 72 was defintiley under a lot of stress, but the situation could have been handled better. I think this manager may really want to think about how she addresses her employees going forward to avoid future conflict. 


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