Earlier this week, a man in New Jersey was trying to help out a friend who was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, but instead of helping, he caused panic and the evacuation of a movie theater.

According to a post of the Howell Township Police Facebook page, a man named Nathan Sanders of Lakewood, NJ "lit off the fireworks while a friend was proposing marriage" at Climb Zone, an indoor rock climbing facility.

Unfortunately, the loud noises caused by the fireworks were mistaken for the sound of gunfire, causing panic among moviegoers at the Xscape movie theater, which is located adjacent to Climb Zone.

Police said that while "there was no intent to cause panic to theatre patrons," Sanders' actions were "obviously...a very poor decision."

The Facebook post says that Sanders was arrested and charged before being released from custody.  Howell Township Police thanked the Lakewood and Jackson Police Departments "for their quick response" as well as movie patrons "for reacting quickly and by directing the officers to the theaters they thought were involved."




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