A 21 year-old has recently died while at Blue Mountain Resort over the weekend.

The young man fell to his death after falling off a trail at the resort. It was reported that he was not wearing a helmet according to 6 ABC Action News.

This recent tragedy is makes it the second consecutive year that someone has died on a beginner trail while not wearing a helmet. This also makes the third death at ski resorts in Poconos area.

The first was a minor, 17years old, who also died at Blue Mountain on New Year's Day after falling off a chairlift. The other recent death occurred when an 80-year-old fell at Camelback Mountain Resort. He died of complications of injuries.

At Blue Mountain, 6 ABC Action News noted that anyone taking a lesson is required to wear a helmet. The only state to have a helmet policy is New Jersey. The Garden State makes it mandatory for all skiers under the age of 18 to wear a helmet.

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