Welp. RIP to another NJ Friendly's.

After nearly 40 years in business, the Friendly's restaurant of Marlton NJ is heading into it's very last weekend. Its last day with open doors will be end of business day on Sunday Aug 14,  according to this post from Facebook community page "A View From Evesham", a trust-worthy source for all things Evesham Township:

This location at Route 70 West Marlton, NJ has been open since 1983!

Why is it closing? According to the post, the restaurant's lease will be up in September, and the owner of the property plans to demolish the building to make way for other stores.

This comes as bittersweet news to most of those who have comments on the post, but one thing's for sure, is that this Friendly's is full of memories!

"This feels like the end of an era. All our middle school nights going to the movies and then to Friendly's!" says one user.

"A lot of good memories taking my kids and grandson there."

"So many memories here with my family, friends and those who have passed on. Also, I was one of the first employees hired here when the restaurant opened in the early 80’s."

"I feel like every kid in marlton had a job there at one point in time."

I have to be honest when I say that I'm not mad at the decision. I can't tell you the amount of times I've driven past this location - and every time I did it seemed like it was on its last legs. I think it's high time for the space to evolve.

Are you sad to see this Friendly's go? Share your memories in the comments!


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