BBC says, Airbnb will prohibit people from renting anything on Halloween. This is to prevent people from having huge parties or just parties in general on Halloween. Having huge parties, especially with people you don't know is a huge risk due to the current coronavirus pandemic we're in. They are also going to be carefully keeping an eye on rentals that are happening a few days before and after Halloween, in case people are thinking of having parties then as well. They will also be keeping an eye on anyone who is renting last minute and does not have a positive review on Airbnb already.  If renters and hosts already had a booking for Halloween, they will be reimbursed for the booking.

I have to say this is pretty smart on Airbnb's part. We've been hearing about parties happening all over the country that draw in hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of people. During a pandemic, this is a pretty big risk to take. I understand the pandemic is some what getting better, but I would NEVER go to a huge party like that right now. It's just crazy to me. Plus, I am extremely claustrophobic and I'm small, so I get stepped on all the time in crowded places. So, that's another reason why I wouldn't be attending somewhere crowded. But, now Airbnb has to worry about people booking rentals leading up to Halloween. Yes, they are putting a stop on Halloween night, but what if

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