This weekend, when you are having a small gathering (under 10 people) for Memorial Day Weekend, you may be adding a new drink to your menu. You can now have some piña colada wine. Yes, you read that correctly, piña colada WINE. According to, the discount supermarket, Aldi's, is now selling piña colada wine.

The name of the wine is Beach Colada and we have to admit the bottle definitely catches your attention. The bottle alone would probably make us want to buy just to try it out. mentioned that people that have tried the piña colada wine said that it tastes even better with fruit juice or some sort of mixer. This makes it not overly sweet.

In an IG post made by @AdventureInAldi, part of the caption said, "Since we can’t really vacay now, let the vacay come to you!" We will have to say we couldn't agree more.

Someone in the comments asked a very good question. They asked, "What’s the alcohol percentage?" Someone replied saying it has 14% abv. We don't know how accurate that is but if it is that high that will put you down real quick.

We learned from that each bottle is only $5, which is extremely cheap for such a big bottle.

If you happen to run into Aldi's in New Jersey or Pennsylvania and they are selling the piña colada wine, also known as Beach Colada, and you try it please let us know how it is. Maybe even throw some ice and blend it. YUM!

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