Alexander Road in Princeton (near the West Windsor border) will be closed for 6 months this fall. The closure will start on November 6th as officials work on necessary bridge repairs, according to a report from Princeton Planet.

This won't make your commute in that area an easy one. Side roads and alternate routes are expected to jam up during the closure.

Two bridges and a culvert will be replaced during the project. If all goes well, the road will be reopened in April. Fingers crossed that happens.

That stretch of the road was recently closed for utility work, and it was a mess to get around. Our PST studios aren't far from there and we watched the traffic backup for miles. It was not good.

Princeton Planet says Princeton University gave a quarter of a million dollars to Mercer County to pay for the plans of the bridge projects.  Their Tiger Transit buses cross over the bridges often, and they're simply not wide enough to accommodate the buses... making it a safety hazard.

So each lane of the new bridge, over the D&R Canal, will be two feet wider, and there will be a new 5-foot shoulder on each side.

For more details, click HERE. We'll remind you again in November too, of course.

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