This is a pretty serious delay if you're commuting around Mercer County, NJ this morning.

A serious accident has been reported by 94.5 PST's partners at Total Traffic on I-295 Northbound.

The accident, which appears to be located just before Route 1 (Exit 67), is causing VERY serious delays. Traffic is basically stopped back to Arena Drive (exit 61) in Trenton, as of 9:15 am on Wednesday.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Total Traffic was reporting that the center lane was the only one getting by. It appears as if the right lane is the only one that remains blocked. Route 1 is available as an alternate through much of that area.

The good news is that we haven't seen too bad or rubbernecking delays on the other side of the road I-295 Southbound.

We'll keep you updated on the morning commute.

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