As of 12 PM on October 19th 2020, almost 29% (28.8% to be exact) of New Jersey citizens have participated in early voting with a whopping 1,742,272 votes and counting. It seems that mail-in ballots are becoming the new trend in a COVID-19 fueled world.

According to New Jersey Globe, not only that but more people have registered to vote with over 6 million now registered after last week’s voter registration deadline. This is a big increase as by the end of the last big election in 2016, only 44% of New Jersey citizens casted a vote. With November 3rd, not even here yet we already have almost half of that. By November 3rd, this is surely to increase given that its already jumped 75% since last week!

It’s definitely important to vote this year. I mean, you should be voting in general, it’s important for your voice to be heard even if you are unsure as to what the government is doing with your vote. However, this year it’s even more important because we are currently living in a dystopia. We can’t go outside or talk to people or live life as we want to live it, and it’s mainly because our current President did very little in preventing this pandemic from spreading. Now, just because we have a New Guy in office, doesn’t mean this will all go away. But, it certainly is a step in the right direction, and one that we all have a responsibility to take.

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