though I hope you don't linger long enough to spot her - because

One of Hollywood's brightest stars, and Allentown, PA native  Amanda Seyfried was seen in Philadelphia riding with police, to prepare for filming a new TV miniseries, according to 6abc.

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It's no wonder she was seen riding with police - the series is based in Kensington! Red flags. Red flags everywhere! But it's for a purpose.

The actress took a ridealong with the city's 26th District police, but she wasn't with police for protection, - she was there to get a feel for her new role in the series "Long Bright River."

What is "Long Bright River" about?

The fact that this series is based in Kensington?! We can only assume this will be a dark drug-laden series. Not the setting for a fluffy, happy comedy series. And it's not.

"Long Bright River" is an adaption of author Liz Moore's best-selling book about a police officer searching for her missing sister in Kensington. Amanda Seyfried will be playing the cop.

Kensington's notorious reputation

In case you didn't know, Kensington is widely considered to be the absolute armpit of Philadelphia. It's notorious for being one of the biggest drug and crime capitols in the world. A hell on earth.

Long story short - You do not want to be looking for your missing sister in Kensington. So this miniseries is sure to be emotional and gripping. If you want to get the full story, you should definitely grab Liz Moore's book. 

The TV miniseries is still in early development.

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