I can’t imagine that y'all aren’t as obsessed with Amazon as I am. No joke, there is a new package from Amazon at my door every 3 days. I know that’s kind of ridiculous, but they literally have everything I need and I don’t have to leave the house. Can you imagine what life would be like with an actual Amazon physical store? Well the wait is over! According to nj.com, the first ever brick-and-mortar amazon store opened up in Wayne, New Jersey. 

This brand new store has opened up in WIllowbrook Mall in Wayne, Nj. The store is located right where the Microsoft store used to be on the first level. You’re probably wondering what will be sold at this store, right? Well they will be selling the most popular and best rated items. Basically, everything that they have in stock is an Amazon top seller, or items that have been rated at least a 4 star rating. In the store you can find just about anything. There will be items such as apple products, tablets, vacuums, etc. 

Of course, there's a nice little catch when it comes to pricing. To get the price you would see on their website, you have to be a prime member. Honestly this is such a smart way to make people sign up to be a prime member. Non prime members will have to pay whatever the listed price is in store.

Something that they have exclusively for their store is the section called “Trending in New Jersey.” This section will include items that pertain to the community. 

Amazon is planning to build another one at the American Dream Mall. There is currently no word on when it is supposed to open. 

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