Amazon is where we go to shop for things when we don't want to leave the house. But, soon New Jersey will be home to an Amazon Fresh grocery store.

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Currently in the U.S. there are only two Amazon Fresh stores, and both of them are in California. The third is slated to take over the former Fairway Market on Route 46-W in Woodland Park, Passaic County, according to

However, Amazon Fresh is no ordinary supermarket. It's basically a 'smart' market featuring shopping carts that automatically scan items. There are no checkout lines to wait on, because the consumer is reportedly charged through their Amazon account once they leave the store. OMG, how cool is that? That's 10 times better than self-checkout.

I'm usually not very welcoming to super-techy things, but I hate grocery shopping. So, the prospect of all my groceries being scanned as I shop is very attractive.

In case you didn't know, Amazon now also owns Whole Foods, which it acquired back in 2017.

I personally would LOVE to see a few more of these Amazon Fresh stores pop up in our area. It's pretty cool that New Jersey was the state chosen to introduce this kind of grocery store to the east coast.

What do you think about Amazon opening actual grocery stores? Let us know in the comment box below.


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