Are you an American Horror Story fan? I have been a huge fan for the longest time and have never missed a season yet. The popular show was released about 12 years ago in 2011 and is still on the air.

Since the release of season 1, the show has taken off and has had a star-studded cast ever since.

Something really exciting is that American Horror Story will now forever have a tie to New Jersey! Supposedly there was some buzz that filming had been going down at a Hoboken cafe and the project was for an American Horror Story spinoff series. Yes, the original show is still in fact on the air, but there is now a spinoff show called American Horror Stories.

It’s a show that tells creepy stories that vary from episode to episode and it’s very good. If you’re a fan of the original show, the spinoff is for sure something worth checking out!

The Hoboken Girl recently shared that there will be filming crews packing into Elysian Cafe in Hoboken to shoot some footage for the popular show.

They also add that the cafe has been closed over the past 2 days for filming purposes, but it should be opening back up soon. Also, Elysian Cafe is Hoboken oldest-running restaurant, so it makes total sense why the show would choose this as a filming location.

There’s no word on what the episode is about, when it will air, or who will be in the episode, but The Hoboken Girl also adds that Paris Jackson and Kaia Gerber have starred in episodes of the show, so who knows who will be walking the streets of Hoboken!

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