It's summer, which means it's time to have fun and live outside for a few months.

Dining al fresco is very popular in New Jersey. If you don't know what that means, it's another name for dining outside when the weather is nice.

I'm all about a restaurant's ambiance, so bring on dining outside, and nice scenery is a must.

I came upon an article in the Asbury Park Press that revealed the three spots around the Garden State voted best for dining al fresco. They all immediately went on my New Jersey dining bucket list.

Having fun with my date at a cafe

The dating website,, ranked places all over the country and put together this list of the Top 150 Romantic Dining Destinations, and like I said, three spots are in New Jersey.

If you're from New Jersey, like I am (born, raised and like it enough to still live here), your mind went to the Jersey Shore, right?

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How could you go wrong? Dining with a gorgeous sunset over the bay as your backdrop is amazing. There are plenty of restaurants with an ocean view too. How could you go wrong? But, I'm bias. I love New Jersey.

Amber Brooks, Editor-in-Chief of says, "Al Fresco dining is a timeless and enchanting experience that captures the essence of romance. There's something inherently magical about sharing a meal with your loved one under the open sky."

Here are the three spots around New Jersey voted best romantic outdoor setting.

Beach Avenue in Cape May

The first is in Cape May, NJ. It's the Beach Avenue area.


The ocean is on one side of Beach Avenue and the most beautiful Bed & Breakfasts and charming Victorian houses are on the other idea. It's so pretty.

The second is Washington Street in Hoboken.


In the northern area of New Jersey, Washington Street has a unique vibe and killer views of New York City. It's a city, but this area has a small town feel. It's the perfect place to stroll, hand-in-hand, to find one of the many romantic restaurants.

The third spot is Broadwalk Plaza in Red Bank, NJ.


This street has a cute, Main Street feel. It's close to the Navesink River. There are many adorable restaurants and shops to set a romantic mood.

There you go. If you have a date night coming up or if you want to rekindle the spark in your relationship, a night spent in any of these areas in New Jersey could definitely help.

To see the entire list of romantic spots for outdoor dining across the country, click here.

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