I am furious.

How am I supposed to have a hot girl summer when I can't even get to my destination?

I should have known what I was getting myself into when I booked my flight to Miami with Spirit Airlines. Despite all the horror stories about the airlines having poor customer service, bumpy rides and employees with terrible attitudes, I still took a chance and booked with them. Mainly because of their cheap ticket prices.

Over the past few days the airlines has been in the news due to cancelling thousands of flights across the country. Officials have cited power outages, bad weather and staffing shortages as the main causes of the cancellations. I also heard that some of the pilots and employees went on strike.

I have seen so many videos on Instagram and Twitter of passengers stranded at airports in Vegas and Florida after their flights got cancelled with no explanation.


I was supposed to fly into Fort Lauderdale, but from what I've been seeing on the news, I would have been walking into a diester. According to USA Today, this past Saturday the line for rebooking at Fort Lauderdale International Airport was over 2 and a half hours long.

The worst part about the situation is that Spirit isn't offering any accommodations. In my case, all I was given was a 50 dollar voucher that I have to use before October 3, 2021. I have nowhere to go before October 3rd!! I tried calling customer service to try and get my money back but I was directed to filling out a form that might not even get looked at or approved for months.

People on Twitter have been talking about a class action lawsuit that they assume will be coming in the near future. I honestly don't know how Spirit Airlines can come back from this.

Unless they start offering 20 dollar tickets round trip, who would ever book with them again?

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