Online shopping has officially taken over and at the cost of a once popular mall here in Jersey and others all across the country. Shopping behind a screen is the new norm pretty much everywhere, and now it’s the reason for multiple mall closures. The New Jersey mall, Burlington Center has become known as the “worst” and “saddest” mall and will be permanently closing its doors after 36 years.

According to, malls are struggling to stay open nationwide and if they do stay open, most of them are being remodeled in hopes of attracting more residents. Sears is the last store standing in the Burlington Center Mall, which once had 72 popular stores and it is set to completely shut down in early September. Stores in that mall dropped like flies over the past few years with stores like Macy's closing in 2010 and JCPenney shutting its doors 4 years later.

What is going to happen with the 67-acre property after it closes? That is still up in the air, but hopefully it will be put to good use and not end up the same way Burlington Center Mall did.

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