I've got a problem, I like peanut butter. I can eat the stuff with nearly anything. Fruits, breads, I'll even eat it straight out of the jar. At midnight.

There are times though where peanut butter does sit for a few days or so in the pantry. When I decide I need to bust out a spoon and start a late night eating fiasco, I notice that there's an oily substance on top that forces me to stir it all up.

Well, if we were storing it the ahem, right way, there would no longer be a need to stir.

MSN found an old post from PureWow showing us the right way to store peanut butter and it's apparently upside down. I have yet to try but doesn't that mean the oil in the peanut butter will drip into the cap?

Guess not. MSN also says "Refrigerate the stuff upside down." The key is to make sure you actually own the peanut butter long enough for oil pools develop.

In my family, it probably won't happen but hey, it's good to now.


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