Arby's is in the Thanksgiving Spirit. They just released its holiday merchandise that includes a "Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow."  This isn't just any regular pillow. Its more like a helmet if you ask me. This pillow actually resemble a deep-fried turkey and you can fit your entire head into it.

According to Fox News, it not only acts as a pillow but a face masks as well. “The delicious looking hat is designed so you can rest easy and comfortably after eating all the turkey (or Deep-Fried Turkey sandwiches) you want,” Arby's said in a statement.

This is all apart of their limited-time Deep-Fried Turkey Sandwich rollout. According to, this sandwich includes Deep fried turkey breast*, natural Swiss cheese, pepper bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo with cranberry spread on honey wheat bread. "If Thanksgiving wasn’t your favorite holiday before, it’s never too late to change your mind," Arby's stated on their website.

This new pillow is more popular than you would think. The Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow is already sold out! So here is how you can get one sooner rather than later. According to Fox News, fans can enter to win one, plus get a 50% coupon for a turkey sandwich or wrap.

If you are one of lucky ones who can get their hands on one of these Turkey Pillows, make sure you reenact the infamous scene from "Friends" while using Arby's new Snapchat filter.


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