Elevation Burger just announced plans to open a restaurant in New Brunswick, and it'll be their first location in the state.

As of now, there's no official opening date just yet, but they'll be located at The Yard on the College Avenue Campus of Rutgers University.

I first noticed them on social media when I saw their post announcing the news that they're opening up their new restaurant in the area.

I went to their Instagram page for more info and saw that they recently won Men's Health Magazine's “Chain Burger Smack Down.” You can see the competitors they beat to win the top title in the picture below:

Another reason that Elevation Burgers stands out from the competition is that they serve organic grass-fed burgers.

Their official site says that they have a "passion for good food that’s organic, sustainable and fresh." Health also seems to be a part of their goal because they also serve fresh fries cooked in olive oil.

I don't go to Rutgers, but this news has me interested in checking them out once they open.

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